Investment Research

Brickwork Investment Research supports global investment professionals to outperform their peers. We provide investment professionals with unique and compelling research support covering almost all asset classes including equities, fixed income and commodities.

Brickwork India Investment Research group works extensively with portfolio managers, fund managers, hedge funds, securities firms, banks, investment banks and independent research firms, to build their India Team of finance analysts. These analysts are often qualified CPAs, CFAs or MBAs with a blend of diverse capabilities ranging from research expertise to strong analytical skills. They support various investment research activities like analyzing financial statements, cover listed securities, follow earnings releases, company events, build financial models, work on investment memorandum, build and maintain company databases.

Furthermore, Brickwork Investment Research has 2 sister concerns including Brickwork Ratings –an Indian credit rating agency who tracks thousands of Indian firms and has rated over $20 billion of corporate and government agency bonds. In addition, Brickwork Finance Academy offers a post graduate program in Finance – state of art training program in India. Thus we have access to thousands of qualified CPA, CFA and MBA in Finance across Indian cities.

Brickwork has serviced thousands of individuals and small firms from the US and Europe. Our clients have been rewarded with higher levels of work satisfaction, faster turnaround times and increased productivity. Brickwork typically gets over 95% client satisfaction scores in internal surveys.

Brickwork can be contacted at once via the Request for Information. We will get back to you immediately to understand your requirements and work out the most appropriate engagement model.

Investment Research Coverage Maintenance Support

  • Updating Earnings Models
  • Financial Modeling and Stock Valuation
  • Routine Maintenance Research
  • Quarterly/Half-yearly/Annually update reports
  • Tracking and Analyzing Events and News

Brickwork Research Analyst can also provide Coverage Initiation Support

  • Initiation coverage modeling
  • Initiation coverage reports


“Brickwork is a first-class operation. Vivek and his team have done an excellent job for us of finding talented analysts and fostering an environment in which they have been able to develop their skills.”
Adam Barth, Gotham Capital

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