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We have worked on more than 35,508 projects across the globe with each project having a unique requirement. Through our nimble sales team and consultative sales approach, we have always strived to provide customized solutions and flexible and convenient engagement and pricing models. Our engagement models have been explained below to help our customers decide what combination of engagement would work for them:

Monthly Model

We offer you complete flexibility with this plan where you can buy as many hours you need each month. We don't bind you with any packages, but just want you to buy the number of hours you can use up in one month, so that your unused hours don't lapse. You can buy varying number of hours for several months, depending on your business requirement. For example, you could buy 100 hours in the first months and 60 hours for the next and 25 hours in the subsequent month when you anticipate less work. We will send you a utilisation report for the number of hours used up each week.

Subscription Model

If you have work for a set number of hours each month, for instance you need 100 hours per month for the next 6 months, then you can use the subscription plan which guarantees you get to work with the same Remote Assistant through all the months plus a backup assistant as well, to cover during your main Remote Assistant's holidays. In this plan too, we allow you to decide the number of hours you need, starting at a minimum of 10 hours per month for at least 3 months. We will send you a utilisation report for the number of hours used up each week.

Fixed Bid Project

If your assignment can be well-defined and the scope clearly understood with a definite finishing date, then the fixed bid project model is the appropriate one to select.

If you are not sure, we will help you select the most appropriate engagement model for your scope of work.

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