“Brickwork is a first-class operation. Vivek and his team have done an excellent job for us of finding talented analysts and fostering an environment in which they have been able to develop their skills.”
Adam Barth, Gotham Capital

“Brickwork provided me with a fantastic personal assistant who assisted me primarily in creating financial plans for high net-worth clientele and business owners. I always experienced a professional "can do" attitude and enthusiasm to bring every project to a higher level. With BW's help, my firm tripled its assets under management in one year.”
Jacob Cooper, Co-Founder and CEO, Total Wealth Management

“I enjoyed working with Brickworks over the past year. Brickwork's professional staff and responsiveness exceeded my expectations. Brickwork's comprehensive analysis of my company's financial status gave me great insight into my business and the essential data I needed to make management decisions. Thank you!”
Nick Kovak, President and CEO.Target Cast, Inc

“The research conducted and information provided by Brickwork Investment Research Analyst was extremely helpful and well done” Brickwork provided a background research for the Whitepaper titled “Analyzing the Analysts: A Survey of the State of Wall Street Equity Research 10 Years after the Global Settlement”
Chief Executive Officer of Leading Venture Capitalist Firm based out of U.S.

“Brickwork Analyst developed a 'deal multiplier’ that enabled us to plug in any level of equity and debt, which was very useful to analyze the performance of the fund. Additionally, various remedies been suggested by the Brickwork Investment Research Team to enhance the working of the model.” Kudos to the Team
Managing Partner, of a leading investment advisor and service broker firm headquartered in Connecticut

The work on the “Sensitivity Analysis” tab by Brickwork Analyst to assess the feasibility of the lease renewal was delivered absolutely as per my expectations. Commendable work. Thank you folks
Vice President Licensed in Oregon of a leading real estate consulting firm.

The teams work on valuation approaches including Future Maintainable Earnings (FME) and Net Asset Value (NAV) to arrive at the fair value of the childcare business was flawless. The team is indeed a Quick learner and very prompts in raising necessary questions
Principal of recognized chartered accountant firm based out of Australia.

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